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Maryland Wineries Association (MWA)
6247 Falls Road
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Baltimore, MD 21209

Phone: 410-252-WINE (9463)
Fax: 240-525-7438

Questions and Comments
If you have questions about specific events at wineries, contact the wineries direct through their individual pages.

Volunteer at One of Our Fests!

Maryland wineries are always in need of volunteers to help make our wine festivals fun and informative!

Volunteers receive free admission to the festival (including tastings and glasses) on their volunteer day. Volunteers can come early or stay after their shift to enjoy the festival.

Your information will be shared with all Maryland wineries; your name will be added to the wineries lists and you will be contacted to check your availability for upcoming festivals.

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Donation Requests

Thanks for considering the Maryland Wineries Association to help with your charity or fundraiser. Maryland wineries are approached regularly by charities, political fundraising and other worthwhile organizations seeking wine donations.

Maryland wineries are prohibited by State law from donating wine, however, they do support these organizations in various other ways.

Intern with MWA

MWA is seeking interns to assist with public relations, marketing, event management and government affairs. Learn more.