Passport Questions and Answers

Learn More Do you love to visit Maryland’s wineries? You can now keep record of your visits and be rewarded by receiving discounted tickets to events, invitations to VIP receptions, and a Passport Club E-newsletter–full of great tips, wine pairings, recipes and industry information.

Q: How do I keep track of wineries I have visited?
A: You can keep track of your winery visits by grabbing a Maryland Wine Passport. It provides a full listing and map of Maryland wineries, with a place to record winery codes and get “stamped” at each winery. 

Q: Where can I purchase a printed Passport booklet?
A: You can purchase a Passport at a winery. But remember – you can participate without purchasing the printed Passport – just keep track of codes on your own!

Q: How do I get credit for my winery visits?
A: Create a Maryland Wine login, where you can enter the codes you collected at each winery. As you collect more codes, discounts and invitations will become available to you, via emails from the Maryland Wineries Association.

Q: What do I receive for winery visits?
A: You will receive various incentives for collecting codes: 
  • After 8 winery visits, you will receive notification of a $5 discount to various MWA’s events like Eat•Drink•Go LOCAL and Decanter to name a few.
  • After 16 winery visits, you are now privy to exclusive winemaker receptions around the state. These receptions will take place four times a year, and will feature a discussion with a Maryland winemaker about their handcrafted wines.
  • After 32 winery visits, in addition to discounted tickets to Eat*Drink*Go Local events and exclusive receptions noted above, you will be entered into an annual drawing to win a basket full of Maryland wine valued at over $120!