61 Vineyard

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About Our Winery

For nearly 30 years, we have lived among the rolling hills and peaceful farmlands of Upper Montgomery County, Maryland. Our appreciation for wine deepened as we toured local and international wineries. We wondered why there were so many wonderful wineries out there, but only a few in Montgomery County. After some thought (and a glass or two), we made the decision to educate ourselves on the art of winemaking. We attended Wine Camp (yes there is such a thing), then joined Maryland Grape Growers and Maryland Wineries Associations. In 2013-2014, we planted a 1-acre, test vineyard with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The project became a family affair, and during our harvest 2 years later, we had 4 generations working the land. Then the most amazing thing happened, we made wine! And the result exceeded our expectations. The following year we acquired our farm which is now 61 Vineyard.

Why 61? Well, it was a good year! The name derives from the year we were both born, 1961. In the wine world, a good year is everything. And we agree that this was a really good year!

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