Cove Point Winery

755 Cove Point Rd, Lusby, MD, United States

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About Our Winery

Cove Point Winery is a small boutique winery located in Southern Maryland's Calvert County town of Lusby. The winery is located ~6 miles north of Solomons Island and just a short distance from Cove Point Lighthouse -- Maryland's oldest operational lighthouse.

Cove Point Winery is the first licensed and bonded Class 4 Winery in all of Southern Maryland -- not just Calvert County. Our winery is small; in 2004 we started making only around 2000 gallons of wine and have now expanded to well over 7000 gallons per year. We know how important it is to support local businesses. To that end we strive to obtain grapes and juice as locally as possible, and currently feature nine wines that we selected from various growers all over Maryland, including our own vineyard.

Our current vineyard (Cove Point Vineyards) is a small experimental vineyard with plantings of Cayuga White, Chardonnel, Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, Merlot, NY73 (Noiret), Vidal, Seyval, Foch, Mars, Neptune, Niagara, Catawba, Dornfelder, Blaufrankisch and Symphony vines.

Our goals are to produce a variety of fantastic wines that the non-wine drinker would enjoy, as well as impress the connoisseur.

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